The Seduction of Beverly Hills ~ Gold Dust Vixen


Gold Dust Vixen Series

"The Seduction of Beverly Hills"

Marguerite de Rothschild seemed to appear from out of nowhere. She'd come to Beverly Hills looking to sink her trust fund into some Hollywood movies. Or so she said. The town was abuzz wondering how she could afford that massive estate just off Sunset. Why had nobody heard of her until now? The high-society elitists usually had much better control over these things.

Marguerite -- dubbed "Margaux" by her perky assistant -- seduces everyone in her path. It's not just her supreme beauty, decadent parties and wild ways. Margaux has an enchanting, intoxicating charisma that can make anyone forget their own name.

The mystery of this vixen deepens when Trixie Molloy (the naive and fiercely loyal assistant) stumbles upon some inconsistencies. Running from her own dark past, Trixie's not one to judge. Best to let sleeping dogs lie as her Gramps used to say. But something is definitely not right about Margaux. She is trouble with a capital “T”. If the mounting chaos gets too far out of hand, then Trixie may have no choice but to investigate further!

Status: In development