Higher Learning ~ Ivy Crush Academy


Ivy Crush Academy Series

"Higher Learning"

Interpersonal Skills 101

Home-schooled with a genius IQ, this midwestern farm girl leaves the safety of home for Ivy League undergrad studies. Sheltered all her life from dating or friendships, this new environment is full of social landmines. Social and sexual. When her roommate first introduces her to naked cuddling as a way of 'friendship bonding' the thrill is more than she can understand. Her brain malfunctions under the weight of these new experiences. Logic fails. Chemistry and passion replace her critical thinking abilities. Why did her earlier education at home never cover any of this?!? There is no playbook on how to maneuver and she can't compute how something that feels this good could possibly be wrong. So she goes with the flow and allows herself to be educated, in more ways than one.

Status: In development

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