Charlene’s Secret Wish ~ Matchmaker Confidential


Matchmaker Confidential Series

"Charlene's Secret Wish"

Charlene Harlow, a recent Science grad gets her big break to spend two years in Hawaii. As part of a research and rescue expedition, she'll have the chance to help turtles struggling amongst the great Pacific plastic patch. Career-wise, it's a very big deal!

Concerned that love will pass her by while surrounded by turtles, she sets out to find a sweetheart before leaving. That way, she could build a bond over the next couple years (even if at a distance) and maybe start a family after the expedition is complete.

She is successful at finding the man of her dreams, and he's even on board with a plan to join her in Hawaii. But his untimely accident causes him to forget who she is! One solid bonk on the head and his brain’s recent memory banks have been wiped clean. With only days to go before their departure, his ex-girlfriend preys on the situation. The Ex will do anything she can to win him back before his short-term memory returns. Will Charlene miss her last chance at love?

Status: In development